This really isn’t what I thought this blog would be about. And I do have posts of substance swirling around in my not-fully-functioning brain, but I just can’t get them out. (Though I do seem able to write two posts about PIE-STUFFED CAKE. See also: Innovations in Post-Progressive Kashrus on Jewschool.)

So, instead, I give you PIE-STUFFED CAKE. It all started on Friday when my housemate, the lovely dlevy tweeted:

I WANT THIS INSIDE OF ME! RT @mwecker Scary yet oddly enticing! RT @WendyRosenfield: 1st, OMFG. 2nd, who’s in? http://is.gd/fRvFq

Clearly, I had no choice. I was oddly mesmerised and horrified by this cake monstrosity. Next thing I knew, I was offering to figure out how to bake it myself in our kitchen.

And I did.

NB: twitpic doesn’t make embedding photos pretty. Please click on ’em to see larger, crisper versions.

PIE-STUFFED CAKE!! on Twitpic by @thewanderingjew

Of course, I had to take a cross-section photo as proof. Here are two (of the cake and of a slice).

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Now, I don’t actually recommend eating this. That thin piece I cut for myself? I ate about half of it and feel both oh-so-very-ill and high. (Also, I think my teeth are going to fall out momentarily.)

I had told someone on twitter that I would provide the recipe. However, I feel it is a greater public service to withhold it. Trust me. You’re thanking me for that.


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