This really isn’t what I thought this blog would be about. And I do have posts of substance swirling around in my not-fully-functioning brain, but I just can’t get them out. (Though I do seem able to write two posts about PIE-STUFFED CAKE. See also: Innovations in Post-Progressive Kashrus on Jewschool.)

So, instead, I give you PIE-STUFFED CAKE. It all started on Friday when my housemate, the lovely dlevy tweeted:

I WANT THIS INSIDE OF ME! RT @mwecker Scary yet oddly enticing! RT @WendyRosenfield: 1st, OMFG. 2nd, who’s in?

Clearly, I had no choice. I was oddly mesmerised and horrified by this cake monstrosity. Next thing I knew, I was offering to figure out how to bake it myself in our kitchen.

And I did.

NB: twitpic doesn’t make embedding photos pretty. Please click on ’em to see larger, crisper versions.

PIE-STUFFED CAKE!! on Twitpic by @thewanderingjew

Of course, I had to take a cross-section photo as proof. Here are two (of the cake and of a slice).

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Now, I don’t actually recommend eating this. That thin piece I cut for myself? I ate about half of it and feel both oh-so-very-ill and high. (Also, I think my teeth are going to fall out momentarily.)

I had told someone on twitter that I would provide the recipe. However, I feel it is a greater public service to withhold it. Trust me. You’re thanking me for that.


It’s October now. I’m still getting used to the idea that it’s September, let alone “not August,” so I’m sure you can understand how I’m a little dumbstruck by it being October. Seriously, what happened to July?

Time seems to be moving rather rapidly. I’m not sure if it’s a result of my days being full with travel (near, like NYC, and far, like Africa), work (guess who now has a work visa!?), and a lovely romance to boot, or if, maybe, all of those Jewish holidays interrupting the flow of September played a role, but time just keeps whizzing by.

In my mind, this was going to be a post about time, being outside of time (as I often feel after three day yom tov), and trying to catch up with the world around me (a lot of news happened while I was offline, not reading the newspaper Wednesday evening through Saturday night). Much of these thoughts had to do with love, acceptance, coming into our own, and queer youth committing suicide. But it’s 1:34am and I’ve just returned home from a visit to NYC and I’m too frazzled to write that out. But the thoughts are brewing. The post will come.

In the meantime, check out this post by my roommate, friend, and all around mensch, dlevy. When another friend first pointed me to the It Gets Better project, I told him it was a good start, but it didn’t sit well with me. It was too… “move to San Francisco and everything will be magically better!” I couldn’t articulate all the ways in which privilege was shining through these videos, failing to recognise that not every queer youth is “lucky” enough to afford mobility, education, etc. So I was really glad that dlevy was able to speak for me (even if he didn’t realise that’s what he was doing).

A real post will be forthcoming. Really.

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